Can creativity be learned? We think the answer is yes. If you are curious and have an open mind, you can learn about creativity, and try to take it up a notch. Whether you are a student, an aspiring writer, painter, film buff or working professional, you will find our interactive, creativity-focused courses stimulating.

Mode21 is a collective of creative, highly experienced individuals, and we are interested in meeting those who want to go beyond textbooks and learn and debate. We wish to gather curious and humble minds, and create extraordinary thoughts and things.

Creativity intrigues us and we are good at spotting ideas with potential. Backgrounds in advertising and digital agencies have exposed us to creativity in various forms – music, filmmaking, writing, posts; and it is this knowledge and skill that we would like to pass on. We do not claim profound expertise in any domain or field (except advertising), but we have an excellent overview of them all.



Rajendra Mohoni hails from a family of educationists and social workers. He has been a sales representative, product manager, columnist, creative director and entrepreneur. After spending over two decades in the top ad agencies in Mumbai, Rajendra started his own boutique agency handling mainly healthcare and financial brands. He has mentored talented advertising professionals and taught advertising at reputed institutes.


Alvin is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at brandarms. In his three decades in advertising, he has worked on a significant roster of global brands. He now speaks regularly at leading B-Schools across India and conducts a widely-recognised series of workshops on Advertising, Brands and Creativity. He has taught at IIM Ahmedabad, IIT Powai, Williams College in the US, JBIMS Mumbai, and GRD IMS, Coimbatore.


Savita wears many hats – that of Content Curator, Brand Strategist, Copywriter, Poet, Active Instagrammer, Wine Lover and Published Author. Having spent over two decades as a Copywriter and Creative Head at various leading Advertising Agencies in Mumbai, Savita has authored 3 books of Poetry namely 45ml, Tell Me Your Real Story and We Meet Again. Savvy is what everyone who knows her, calls her – and Savvy, she truly is!