Mode21 is for individuals who feel that there is something wrong with the way we think and create. It is a forum for skeptics and the dissatisfied. It is the voice of those who believe that we have to revisit our collective cultures and reboot our critical thinking. It is for those who believe that imitation and tweaking does not equal creativity. It is for the open-minded who are willing to question, to argue and defend – calmly. It is for those who can perceive the feet of clay of the so-called creative gurus. We want to welcome with open arms those who want to initiate change, and in doing so, make mistakes. We listen to those in the present who are willing to relook at the past to create something lasting for the future.


Open mindedness, curiosity, critical thinking, intuition, fearlessness.


To engender a ‘creative class’: People who will play a meaningful role in shaping a more aesthetically and creatively productive society.


To open the minds of children, students and professionals to critical thinking and the remarkable possibilities of creativity, and to discover with them solutions for consumers, corporations and society at large.