Creativity: Can it be taught online?

Can you learn creativity online? Before we begin, let us define creativity and its scope. For the purpose of the article, we will limit creativity to its conceptual forms and theoretical aspects. We will consider creativity as a useful and effective response, an unusual answer (or answers) to a problem. We will consider creativity as defined by originality and effectivity. (Mark Runco et al). Creativity is complex. You would have seen images of read about individuals painting or composing great

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Defining Creativity

Most definitions of creative ideas comprise three components (Kaufman & Sternberg, 2007). First, creative ideas must represent something different, new, or innovative. Second, creative ideas are of high quality. Third, creative ideas must also be appropriate to the task at hand or some redefinition of that task. Thus, a creative response is novel, good, and relevant. These definitions, however, seem incomplete. The ‘novel’ part is undebatable, but perhaps the ‘good’ and ‘relevant’ need another look. First, the word ‘good’ is

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