Content Writing

Make your blogs, emails, brochures more creative

Min. age: 18
Batch size: Max 20
Skill level: Intermediate
Online Workshop
Two hours

If you want to be a sought-after content writer and stand apart with your creativity, this is the right introductory workshop for you. We inspire you to go beyond Ctrl C Ctrl V, include the keywords, be mindful of SEO, and yet create something engaging.

  • Learn how to express yourself better
  • Pick up the skills to cover several domains
  • Write specifically for your TG
  • Learn structured writing
  • Including keywords and phrases
  • Overcoming fear of expressing

What can you expect from this course?

This workshop starts by making you aware of great writing. Through small assignments, we hone your skills. An advanced course can be considered for those interested in pursuing content writing as a career.
Fees: ₹1021


Course: Creative Content Writing

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Your Host

Rajendra Mohoni


Course: Creative Content Writing