Creativity For

Young Minds Workshop

Explore your creative side

Min. age: 15
Batch size: Max 20
Skill level: Basic
Two hours

Want to create something original and put it out there? A song, perhaps, or a short clip on YouTube? We tell you how to do it. We help you search and tap resources that help you develop your creativity. This workshop is perfect when you have creativity bubbling within.

  • What exactly is creativity?
  • Types of creativity
  • Divergent thinking and its benefits
  • Stealing ideas
  • Overcoming fear of the new
  • Testing creativity

What can you expect from this course?

This is the right age to discover creativity and its possibilities. This workshop will help you get on the right workshop and explore your latent creativity. You will also realise that there is nothing wrong in having strange, abstract thoughts – and as a matter of fact it’s a good thing.
Fees: ₹621


Course: Creativity For Young Minds Workshop

Course fees:
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Your Host

Rajendra Mohoni


Course: Creativity For Young Minds Workshop