Creativity in


Min. age: 18
Batch size: Max 10
Skill level: Basic
Two Hours

A casual search on Google reveals that there are about a hundred million songs in the world. And counting. So exactly what makes music creative? How do you separate good from bad?

To be honest, it is beyond the scope of any three-hour tutorial to offer an overview of music, but we try. This class is particularly useful to those seeking to make their own music. Knowing the history, evolution and trends in music will take you a step closer to recording your own song or forming a band.

What can you expect from this course?

This course is for the motivated ones who like to experiment. Google and Spotify can bring you millions of songs from across the globe, but why not create your own and upload it? We encourage you to awaken the lyricist and composer within and go for it.
New Batch: June 2022


Course: Creativity in Music

Dates: June 2022
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Rajendra Mohoni


Course: Creativity in Music