Learn a wide range of topics from the experts

Min. age: 20
Batch size: Max 10
Skill level: Basic language skill required
Two hours

In guest lectures, we cover random topics from fonts to songs to colours in vogue. These lectures are delivered by experts in their fields. If you want us to cover a particular topic, let us know and we will make attempts to point you in the right direction.

  • Learn about diverse topics
  • Understand the concepts
  • Learn to analyse and critique
  • Test your skills
  • Get your questions answered

What can you expect from this course?

Although these topics seem random, they have one thing in common: creativity. Comic art, for instance, is a fascinating subject with a captivating history. Among the participants, we need one thing in common: curiosity. Even if you are not trying to make a career in these subjects, you will have spent an enriching hour or so.


Course: Guest Lectures

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Your Host

Rajendra Mohoni


Course: Guest Lectures