Song and Scriptwriting


Make a difference through your craft

Min. age: 20
Batch size: Max 10
Skill level: Language fluency required
Two hours

When we are watching movies, we are so overwhelmed by the spectacle and the sound that we rarely think about what makes it so effective: the script. Similarly, in many cases, music engulfs us and we do not pay close attention to the lyrics. While it is impossible to teach the intricacies of scriptwriting and songwriting in one workshop, we try, with really interesting examples.

  • Learn the ability to express yourself in verse
  • Understand the concepts of meter, lyrics, rhyming
  • Absorb the fundamentals of structure and space
  • Learn to critique scripts
  • Learn the basics of scriptwriting
  • Test your skills by writing a short script

What can you expect from this course?

This workshop is ideal for film and music enthusiasts. On completing the workshop, you should be able to parse good film writing from great, and learn how to critique a scene. If you are an aspiring songwriter, you should learn a few tricks involved in writing songs on diverse themes.
Fees: ₹1021


Course: Song and Scriptwriting Workshop

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Rajendra Mohoni


Course: Song and Scriptwriting Workshop