Creativity For

Working Pros

Recharge your creative intelligence

Min. age: 20
Batch size: Max 20
Skill level: Intermediate
Two hours

Just a few years into your job and you feel burned out already? The ideas you played with, the thoughts you had – all seem buried under everyday burdens and expectations. How to take yourself out of the rut and re-ignite the embers? We tell you how.

  • Begin by unlearning
  • Get in touch with your inner child
  • Honest self-assessment
  • Learn to analyse and critique
  • Test your skills
  • Get your questions answered

What can you expect from this course?

Maybe you nurtured dreams of forming your own band. Perhaps you were a promising writer until the drudgery of your job killed your creativity. If you empathize with such crushed dreams, our workshop will help you feel creatively reinvigorated.
New Batch: July 2022
Fees: ₹1021


Course: Creativity For Working Pros

Dates: July 2022
Course fees:
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Your Host

Rajendra Mohoni


Course: Creativity For Working Pros