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Creative Courses For The Curious

Can you be more creative? Can creativity be learned? We think the answer is yes. If you are curious and have an open mind, you can take your creativity up a notch. Whether you are a student, an aspiring writer, painter, film buff or working professional, you will find our interactive, creativity-focused courses stimulating.

Mode21 Institute of Creative Education (MICE) is a collective formed to explore the potential of creativity. We believe that rote learning robs us of our originality, and that our thinking needs to be overhauled to develop a critical and creative outlook towards the arts. We introduce you to the best creations in a particular domain, and through short-term courses and tutorials, encourage you to be more adventurous.

If you are interested in pursuing success in a particular field, we guide and mentor you. Our focus areas are creativity augmentation, creativity in writing, music, paintings and films, copywriting, and advertising.